Become a world-class code reviewer

Code reviews can be frustrating. Conflict can arise, reviews can be slow, or reviewers might be too intimidated to leave their feedback.

And with 84% of companies using code reviews, engineers are bound to encounter them sooner or later.

Instead of avoiding code reviews or doing the bare minimum when them come your way, what if you could learn the skills to provide effective feedback and get your own code reviewed quickly too?

Code Review Champion can show you how.

This short book will teach you how to effectively navigate code reviews to grow your career. From reviewing code to authoring pull requests, and much more, this is the code review book that gives you the practical tools you can use everyday on your team.

What readers are saying:

Hear how Anthony used this book to excel at code reviews from day one.

Covers critical topics to help you succeed:


The key mindset shift

to supercharge your skills


Receiving and giving feedback

with humility and tact


What to focus on

and what to let go of


Building a team practice

that sets your team apart


Moving code reviews along

to prevent endless waiting


Avoiding the pitfalls

that lead to conflict and bickering

This is the book I wish I would have had early in my career to help me sidestep the landmines of code reviews.

I'm confident it will help you in your software career journey!

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