Become a world-class code reviewer!

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Code reviews continue to be a point of contention in our industry. Some teams have adopted code reviews wholeheartedly, while others have nearly outlawed the practice. Other teams think they "should" do reviews, but they treat them as a formality or a rubber-stamp.

But we have great data that show code reviews work. So what's the gap?

The gap is that most engineers were never taught how to effectively review code.

This book aims to help fix that.

Code Review Champion will teach you how to effectively navigate code reviews to grow your career. From reviewing code to authoring pull requests, and much more, this book will give you practical tools you can use everyday on your team.

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This book walks you through topics like:


The key mindset shift to unlock code reviews for career growth


How to receive and give feedback with humility


What to pay attention to and what you can let go of


How to build a team practice that sets your team apart


The best way to ask for a review to get through the process quickly


Avoiding common pitfalls that keep reviews stuck in progress

This book is the book I wish would have read early in my career!

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