👋 Hi, I'm Dan.

I'm a software engineer with over 10 years experience. I've worked with monotholic database applications, micro-services, and everything in between. While I've done full-stack development before, I've recently focused primarliy on writing RESTful web-services systems deployed into Kubernetes environments.

In my short career, I've worked for small companies (< 20 employees), large companies (> 50,000) and a few medium ones too. And what I have found is that at all of these compnaies, developers are tired and burned out. They never feel like they can learn enough, code quick enough, or keep quality high enough.

I want to help fix that problem.

I'm trying to help developers become the best they can through sustainable development practices. Even with software engineering being a young field, we know enough to know simply asking developers to code hard or longer doesn't work.

I hope I can share the learnings and hopes I have gained from my own experience to others, including you.

Happy coding!