👋 Hi, I'm Dan.

I'm a software engineer and an avid coffee drinker.

In my short career, I've come to learn that no matter where developers are, they are tired and burned out. They never feel like they can learn enough, code quick enough, or keep quality high enough.

Coding harder or longer doesn't work. We have to do something different.

Teams need processes that serve them rather than burden them. They need tools to make it easy to do the right thing rather than the wrong one. Teams need transparency between peers, managers, and other stakeholders. Leaders that lead rather than being heros.

When these pieces exists, a team can create a pace they can sustain almost indefintely.

I'm trying to help developers achieve that kind of sustainable pace.

I'm writing about software engineering practices, building tools to automate processes, and creating resources to help teams work towards a sustainable pace.

Happy coding!

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