How to Get Software Documentation Right

January 17, 2022 :: 6 min read
What to write down, what to generate, and coming to terms that documentation is always out of date.

The Books I Read This Year (2021)

January 01, 2022 :: 8 min read
A summary of the books I've read while still stressing about COVID and return to work.

My Top Takeaways from Team Topologies

December 13, 2021 :: 8 min read
The most important things I learned from the popular book and how I'm trying to apply them.

What's the Point of Containers Anyway?

November 07, 2021 :: 9 min read
Containers are becoming more and more popular. Here is my take on why and if your team should to jump on the bandwagon.

What's the Point of the Software Development Lifecycle Anyway?

October 12, 2021 :: 7 min read
The importance of a guide for how you build software.

My Obsession with Simple Code

September 03, 2021 :: 5 min read
Why I write the simplest code I can everytime.

Let's Talk About Trust

August 10, 2021 :: 7 min read
Trust is really important, but often illusive. How do we build it on our teams to help oursleves build great software?

Three Ways to Reduce Chaos on Your Team

July 29, 2021 :: 6 min read
Software development can be chaotic and full of frustrating situations. Here are some ways to reduce the unneccesary chaos.

Stop Trying to Outsmart Everything

June 30, 2021 :: 6 min read
Trying to outsmart everything means you likely aren't learning at all. Loopholes and tricks might give you a head start, but they won't sustain your race.

I'm Changing How I Review Code

June 10, 2021 :: 7 min read
There is more to code reviewing the writing comments on the internet.

Version, Releases, and Deployments! Oh My!

May 15, 2021 :: 9 min read
Software is full of overloaded terms. Let's clarify what we mean by a few of them.

One File Improved My Team's Communication

May 07, 2021 :: 7 min read
How maintaining one simple file in our repository improved how my team communicated about the software we built.

Writing Software Is Like Growing a Garden

April 20, 2021 :: 7 min read
Gardens won't grow if neglected, and neither will your software.

Reflections on Two(ish) Years of Blogging

March 30, 2021 :: 11 min read
Some thoughts about blogging, learning in public, and sharing what I've learned along the way.

Re-learning Ansible From Scratch

March 25, 2021 :: 8 min read
Why I stopped, why I'm starting again, and what I'm learning.

Our Over Obsession With Patterns

February 27, 2021 :: 6 min read
Why I think we use patterns too much as the solution to all problems rather than what they were designed for.

Why Getting My Master's Degree Was Worth It

February 11, 2021 :: 7 min read
Degrees are falling out of style in the development community. This is why I think mine is still valueable.

Why I Got My Masters Degree In Computer Science

January 23, 2021 :: 10 min read
In world where software development educations can happen completely online (and for free!) why would I got back to school?

The Books I Read This Year (2020)

January 02, 2021 :: 5 min read
A summary of the books I've read during the year when we all watched Netflix.

Surviving Your First Code Review

December 12, 2020 :: 7 min read
It can be difficult when you submit your first pull request and your first code review feedback is, well, overwhelming. How do you find the right way to address the feedback but also not just cater to every whim of your reviewer?

How to Give Feedback

November 24, 2020 :: 8 min read
Feedback is hard. Here are some tips to help you give feedback well.

What's the Point of Pull Requests Anyway?

August 28, 2020 :: 6 min read
Why pull requests are one of the best tools in modern software.

When Should You Refactor Your Code?

July 30, 2020 :: 5 min read
The simple answer: it's probably right now.

I'll Admit It. I'm a Jealous Developer

July 15, 2020 :: 5 min read
But I want to move towards a place of inspiration

Enforcing a Changelog with GitHub Actions

July 15, 2020 :: 4 min read
How to keep your team's changelog up to date.

On Sustainable Software Development

July 11, 2020 :: 6 min read
“Hero” programming only lasts so long.

Don’t Focus on Coding Mastery — Focus on Getting Better Each Day

June 25, 2020 :: 6 min read
Why only focusing on the end game will disappoint you.

How to Introduce Kaizen to Your Team

June 06, 2020 :: 6 min read
Convincing your team to embrace continuous improvement.

Using Gatsby to Build a Blog

May 18, 2020 :: 4 min read
Using an SSG as a Backend Engineer

What's the Point of CI Anyway?

May 05, 2020 :: 8 min read
The reasons why your team should be leveraging continuous integration.

The Books I Read This Year (2019)

January 03, 2020 :: 4 min read
My annual list of books I read in the previous year.

My Biggest Mistakes as a Junior Developer

October 19, 2019 :: 7 min read
The biggest mistakes I made before becoming a senior engineer.

My Top Four Patterns for Writing Simple Code

October 19, 2019 :: 7 min read
Writing simple code is hard. Here are some patterns to help!

Why Simple Code is Better Than Reusable Code

October 05, 2019 :: 5 min read
Simple is always the priority.

The Best Ways to Crush It as a New Team Member

July 05, 2019 :: 6 min read
How to join a team as an engineer

On Building Abstractions Too Soon

August 14, 2018 :: 5 min read
Why abstractions are emergent instead of dictated

What's the Point to Code Reviews Anyway?

February 19, 2018 :: 4 min read
Hint: it's not bugs.

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Dan Goslen is a software engineer and sustainable development advocate. He has spent 10 years writing quality software systems that range from monoliths to micro-services and everywhere in between. He currently works @PolicyGenius (and we are hiring right now!) in Raleigh, NC where he lives with his wife.