Keep a Changelog!

I'm a big - big - fan of changlogs and how they can help your team. I gave a 5-minute lightning talk about them at my work late last year and wanted to share my slides with you. If you are interested in changelogs, take a look at some of my repositories on my GitHub Profile

Offheap Bloom Filters

Bloom filters are a really cool data structure that trade a small amount of bounded memory use to protect slow resources like databases or network requests. Because they deal with direct bytes, they are also great candidates for off-heap storage within the JVM.

Couchbase is Cool

Couchbase is a really cool NoSQL solution that still allows for SQL-like queries. It looks a lot like GFS/HFS in how it distributes data within a cluster, and it even can support cross data-center replication. This is a brief introduction to it.