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The Technical Debt Snowball

April 14, 2022
Paying down debt via small wins can create a huge impact.

My Obsession with Simple Code

September 03, 2021
Why I write the simplest code I can everytime.

Writing Software Is Like Growing a Garden

April 20, 2021
Gardens won't grow if neglected, and neither will your software.

Re-learning Ansible From Scratch

March 25, 2021
Why I stopped, why I'm starting again, and what I'm learning.

When Should You Refactor Your Code?

July 30, 2020
The simple answer: it's probably right now.

Using Gatsby to Build a Blog

May 18, 2020
Using an SSG as a Backend Engineer

My Top Four Patterns for Writing Simple Code

October 19, 2019
Writing simple code is hard. Here are some patterns to help!

Why Simple Code is Better Than Reusable Code

October 05, 2019
Simple is always the priority.

On Building Abstractions Too Soon

August 14, 2018
Why abstractions are emergent instead of dictated